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Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual


We will reveal to you the secrets to raise your
Credit Score up to 250 Points
In 30-90 Days...

You will have the ability to get approved for a car, a home, a student loan, a business loan(s) and major credit cards that you deserve as an American Consumer!

April 29, 2008

From: Eddie Cuevas


Dear American Consumer,

My name is Eddie Cuevas CEO/President of Easy Credit Solutions. We have been around for 10 years and have helped thousands of consumers fix their credit, increase their scores, establish corporate credit and educate America's consumers on how credit repair truly works. If you have no credit, you have very low credit or even have terrible credit; that is keeping you from getting the finer things in life in this wonderful country; then this will be the most important material you'll ever read. For the past 10 years Easy Credit Solutions has developed a system to help America's consumers; Raise Their Credit Scores Through The Roof.

Having a 700+ Credit Score can get you approved for pretty much anything that can be purchased on credit for example: a Car, Home, Business Loan, Student Loan and Credit Cards you deserve; Now a days most credit scoring systems are automated and you will get a response in a matter of minutes regarding the approval. Easy Credit Solutions can show you the credit secrets that you will need in order to increase your credit if you have no credit, or repair and re-establish your credit in order to be able to utilize your credit in such a way to transform your life style into one you deserve. In a matter of 30-90 days.

The American Consumer Problem

The problem is that 98% of American Consumers do not have the proper knowledge of how America's system works. Let me give you an example...

Corporate America has access to see more financial information that your credit report shows you?

The credit bureaus release a more detailed credit report to America's businesses than the one they send to you. That is very misleading, right?

Why do you think that banks and businesses never give you a copy of your credit report excluding mortgage lenders and real estate companies. You're always told to request your own free copy from the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax & Transunion).

Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual is full of information that will teach you all the necessary steps you will need to take in order to regain A+ credit. For example...

Your current credit situation does not matter. Our credit repair manual will show you how to delete negative accounts of your credit file. Then will you have the ability to regain you credit worthiness. You will also have the confidence in applying for credit and knowing that you will never get rejected again!

Once You Are Properly Educated You Will See How Easy It Truly Is!

Thousands of my previous customer's have referred family and friends asking me to please help they raise their scores. Once they see how soon you regain you credit worthiness they become believers. It's all in having the proper knowledge in knowing how the system truly works.

I love reading the letters that we receive from our happy customers revealing their great success with our system. These people took action and did what was needed to turn their lives around. These people now have the ability to get approved for anything that they desire. A perfect example of one of my clients, Mr. Rodriguez he came to us with terrible credit. He wanted to purchase a home and start a tile company. It took approximately 4 months for Easy Credit Solutions to make his dream come true. After the 4 months he had a fico over 700 and was able to not only buy his home, but he also was able to get approved for a business loan to start his tile company.

To be perfectly honest at one point or another in our lives we have all had bad credit. Life has it's and down's. It's a cycle. Do not get discouraged, with our system you will have the ability to regain your credit worthiness and give yourself that second chance you've been wanting.

"The Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual"

will educate you and give you that unfair advantage over the average American. In a matter of a few hours you will have more knowledge than most people. With the "The Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual" you will learn the following:

*How to read a credit report properly!
*What affects your credit score!
*How your score is calculated!
*How to pay off your bills for 25 cents on the dollar!
*What the credit bureaus do not want you to know!
*How the scoring ranges affect your credit score!
*How to request free copies of your credit reports!
*How to stop all harassing collection agency calls!
*How to remove a credit counseling notation!
*How to remove negative items of your credit report
permanently! Saving you thousands of dollars in
interest. (This alone will pay for this system).
*Learn how to erase inquiries of your credit report!
*Learn the rules of the Federal Fair Debt Collection!
*Learn your rights as an American Consumer!
*How to request a Husband & Wife Credit File Separation!
*You will also get a checklist that will outline every
stage of the process!

Discover How Easy it is to
"Use the System" to your advantage with
"The Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual"
Found No Where Else But Here!

BONUS: A report on Debt Validation. A useful tool in dealing with Collection Agencies and getting results on removing negative items. (How to use them to your advantage when you contact the credit bureaus!)

The "Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual" contains step-by-step, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use insider consumer credit secrets. The "Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual" is sold for informational purposes only and is not to be copied or sold to anyone.

Credit Bureaus want America's consumers to believe that there is no way to repair your credit. They will never admit that 90% of the negative items on your credit file are their mistake.

Credit Repair Clinics always give consumers misleading information. They always tell America's consumers that they can fix their credit and charge up a storm. What people end up finding out in the end is that they failed to deliver and only took their money. The Federal Trade Commission has stated that there is nothing a Credit Repair Company can do for you that you can not do for yourself.

All Negative Information Found On Your Credit File That The Credit Bureaus Can Not Show Proof That The Item Is Accurate And Belongs To You Must Be Deleted Permanently From Your Credit File!

The Burden to proof is on the Credit Bureaus and the Creditors.

No one ever takes the time to educate themselves on how easy it truly is to fix ones credit.

The "Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual" you are going to receive every dispute you need to get started fixing your credit fast.

Simply click the Pay Pal Button to order your copy of the manual. It will be IMMEDIATELY SHIPPED OUT to you once the payment has been confirmed.

Last But Not least...

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Eddie Cuevas

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Easy Credit Solutions Credit Repair Manual

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